New 4 Week Schedule

New 4 Week Schedule

I realize I haven’t been posting here like I ought to: doesn’t serve as much of a record of progress if i don’t put any information down in it, does it? My bad. I admit to writing things in my daytimer ( I know, how very oldschool of me – handwritten n everything) but the new schedule I made for myself is barely legible cuz… handwritten n all. So here is the next four week of workout scheduled with Melissa Bender core workouts for all 6 active days – I must have core on a regular basis and I find that the combos in her HIIT workouts really keep the rest of my body loosened up after weights the previous day.

I moved around the core workouts from my previous IG post for that very purpose. Here is the new order:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.46.14 AM

Days are as follows:


Arms/Shoulders with Core HIIT: light weight warmup – 4 x superset 10 Concentration curls/10 skull crushers/10 front delt raise/10 rear delt raise (15lbs/20lbs/8lbs/8lbs), 4 x superset 12 angled lateral delt raise/bicep 21’s/20 Tate Press (10lb DBs/12lb/8lb)


Legs/Glutes with Cardio Core Burn: foam roll warmup – 4 x superset lunge series back/side/forward w/rotation (12lb), 4 x superset straight leg deadlift/sumo squats (12-15lb), 3 x 30 weighted glute bridge/50 banded abductions


Chest/Back push/pull with Core and Butt: mobility warmup – 4 x 10 superset DB bench press/Single Arm Row (22.5lbs/25lbs), chest fly/pullover (15lbs/22.5-25lbs), incline chest press/bench hypers (15lbs/15lbs), 1 x prison pushups/reverse row (to failure)


Leg Concentrations with Stomach Sculpt: skipping warmup, 4 x 10 superset Single Leg Deadlift/Bulgarian Split Squat/Step Ups (12-15lb), 4 x 10 nordic curls/DB squats (12-15lb), 300 calf raises (50 parallel 1st/ 50 parallel 2cnd/25 right/25 left/50 turned out 1st/40 turned out 2cnd/25 right/25 left)


Fullbody with Quick Core: foam roll warmup, 4 x superset 10 single arm clean & press/alternating renegade rows/warrior III kickbacks (12-15lbs), 3 x 8 each side KB getups (15lb) – these were 4 sets but you know what? 3 is good. 3 sets is totally good. guh!, 3 x 15-20 banded Single Arm Lat pull downs, Drop Set Arnolds


Yoga with Fat Burn Core HIIT – I would like to try for a full 30-45 minute yoga session, but really, this workout is partially about recovery, so… I will see how I feel and do at least some yoga

Oh plans, where u go?

Oh plans, where u go?

So I had this plan, right?

Yeah, so anyway…

seriously though, I did follow the plan of the previous post largely but really reaaaaaally required extra rest with the increase in weight on my lifts. Still not lifting crazy amounts or anything (dumbbells only, and in my laundry room, remember) but … rest is required!

So yeah, more rest days but still the upper body/lower body split but cardio did not happen. Still have to move on those in between days. will fiddle about some more. Really pleased with my results and increased back strength. To get the most out of back, I am thinking of incorporating a visit to the gym to use machines once a week (so maaaaybe that would be a cardio/tabata day?)

I have also discovered that Royal Opera House will be posting a regular ballet class on their youtube page, and have of course the World Ballet Day postings of full length morning classes and I am pretty excited about trying those out in the safety of my laundry room 🙂

Also, diet-wise, I am shifting still more to totally vegan. Thinking of doing a shift of “Vegan til the Weekend” and seeing how my tum adjusts to that, as well as making sure to add some variety to the foods – I really am a boring vegetarian with a bad habit of falling back to same old same old meals that are not typically well balanced and get pretty unsatisfying.


So yeah… goals

Let’s see how those shake out



I am trying out an upper body/lower body 4 day split right now from Muscle&Strength and I quite like the split schedule. It is a new approach for me.

Back in the day I learned the concentrate on a body section approach (Leg day, back day, chest day, arms/shoulders, etc), but when I went back to working with my body, I had to start with full body and cardio conditioning just trying to get back into things and not croak – seriously, it used to be that the warm up for Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred was almost too much for me, I was in that bad shape. Now I am experimenting with different rounds of 4 week style challenges and schedules, and seeing what I like these days.

I have to say: I so love being back to lifting weights! love LOVE LOVE! My wee little “Iron Paradise”, as The Rock refers to his considerably more well-stocked gym, really makes me happy and I am so pleased with my overall increase in strength and stamina. I don’t have any machines, or a barbell to load up, so I have to modify most schedules with my dumbbells and higher reps, but I am still happy as a clam in there. In high school, weight training was the only PE class I did well in, enough that the gym teachers actually developed some respect for me lol

As for the 4 day split: I really like working out 6 days a week but have to be mindful of not overworking anything, so I am thinking next week I will work the split with Day 1Upper/Day 2Lower/Day 3 Tabata and abs/Day 4Upper/Day 5Lower/Day 6 full body (like a Bender Fitness workout probably, or maybe Body Project) or other extended cardio. I feel it will keep me moving and flush out any residual DOMS, and keep working on core strength.

I am also continuing to root out postural issues, which is of course more interesting with a chest wall deformity and scoliosis, but that is life and plenty of people have their own issues to work on this way. The information now available is so much more inclusive and positive, rather than the old refrain of,” well, you really shouldn’t be moving too much/doing that/lifting anything… ever”

Cuz that, my friends, iz bullshit.

Think happy thoughts and keep moving. TTYL

Keeping Office Hours

Keeping Office Hours

I was requested back to my office on a short contract a couple of weeks ago and the change in my schedule has been embarrassingly painful.

I may have been working out hard and doing a lot of other things but heck did i ever sleep in at will. So now it is a struggle to get up and going in the morning and I feel made of suck. Workouts have been okayish to meh to just sort of flailing in the kitchen whenever. I have been eating pretty well, but not drinking nearly enough water and basically, all day long, I am stuck at my desk.

like a bean

a sad little bean

I should have kept my wake up schedule the same. It would have been kinder to myself in the long run.

6Pack Week6: The Finisher

6Pack Week6: The Finisher

Week 6 – ready to go, our last week of the Sixpack Challenge! And it is called the Finisher… not the Punisher.


Buckleup Buttercup, and let’s get to it

Day 1: Warm up, 1 Round BF 10M Cardio Burn, 1 Round BodyRock Ab Bonus Floor Crunch  – this one is floor work, followed by 1 Round BodyRockSweatFlix Ab BonusStanding – this is a great standing ab core stabilizer, Cool down, stretch

Day 2: Warm up, 1 Round ZWOW 59 Core followed by 1 Round BF 15M Standing Abs , Cool down, stretch

Day 3: Warm up, 3 Rounds BodyRock FFF Day3 Abs, followed by 1 Round BodyRock FFF Day 4 Legs&Arms, Cool down, stretch

Day 4: Warm up, 1 Round ZWOW 59 Core followed by 1 Round BF 15M Standing Abs , Cool down, stretch

Day 5: Warm up, 2 Rounds – LisaMarie says 3 but… that might be death :0 – BodyRock FFF Day5 Abs – I mean, you  can go for the 3 but…, followed by 1 Round BF 10M Standing Abs, Thighs & Butt, Cool down, stretch

Day 6:  Body Project 30 minute Cardio 2, 5 Parks Yoga 35min Vinyasa Flow or yoga of choice, and a nap 🙂

Day 7: EAT ALL THE THINGS!!  ok, don’t eat ALL the things, but certainly have an excellent cheat meal, because unless you just sat and watched all these workouts – which ya didn’t do that, you at least gave it a go – and you maybe, just maybe, you crushed these last 6 weeks. Then you, my friend, have definitely earned your cheat.

Take your after pic, compare, contrast, drink a boatload of water to stay hydrated and be proud of you – because even if we can’t quite see our abs yet, they will certainly be there at this point. We have worked hard and gotten much stronger and fitter. And check out that new better posture you have too – get a load of that!

Ya did good my bean

And then think about the next goal. I’m thinkin… gains. Put some more muscle on, get stronger all over. Keep the momentum going.


How about a 4Week Gainz Plan? (I will put a link here once I have THAT sched ready)


See you soon!

6Pack Week5

6Pack Week5

Week 5 and we are back at it. ( i am recovering from a cold and had to take extra rest last week, but … still subtly hit the weights  🙂 which totally loosened up my sore upper body so it was a good idea!) This week is longer workouts so schedule your time, as the extra cardio is longer to assist in the burn: my hope is that muscle build has had a chance to happen already – it certainly feels that way personally – and now we can burn off some more body fat to see results. My core is SO much stronger now and I am really pleased that I embarked on this challenge for that reason alone! Excited to see how it all shakes out


day 1:  warm up, BodyRock Cardio,  BF 20M HIIT, cool down stretch

day 2: warm up, Body Project 30 minute Cardio, BF 30M FullBody Burn, cool down stretch

day 3: warm up, LisaMarie BodyRock Cardio , 3x10min BF Abs , cool down stretch

day 4: warm up, Body Project 30 minute Cardio 2, BF 30M FullBody Burn, cool down stretch

day 5: warm up, 10min BodyRockAbsBonus, BF 35 Min Totalbody (includes cool down)

day 6: warm up, Body Project 30 minute Cardio Intermediate, *today will require coordination*, 5 Parks Yoga 35min Vinyasa Flow, followed by a nice lie on the floor ded

Day 7 Rest Day Cheat Day Eat Day

Food Things

Food Things

I have not posted about food because I have been thinking about it… kind of endlessly. I typically do that, so that doesn’t surprise me. But I don’t like to let myself get weird about it. Also I was kind of eating garbage. I used to be able to get away with that.

That said, getting older and then going on micronor for the lady issues has created a difference in the pudge in my middle so I finally have to pay attention to how much fat I have (and of course what type). Right now, I want to see if I can burn off most of the last of the stress fat as I call it – this is what I describe as squooshy, mottled, poor quality body fat that accumulated due to stress. It had a weird jelly texture to me, and is clearly loaded with hormones (cuz when I burned a lot of it off, my periods and skin went even more haywire than ever before) and is very nearly gone – and my hormone issues are balancing too 🙂 The stuff that is left is a much better texture and really, I would be content to let it stay… but I have a new goal now and so I would like to see if I can burn it off too.

All this without compromising my health of course.

But watching your food is f**king complicated, so it will be a LOT of tracking and fine tuning. Setting some ground rules for myself and using an app (myplate has won out right now) with a reasonably low in fat, balanced in carbohydrates and proteins ratio – lots more protein than I usually have as I want to build a good chunk of muscle to replace my pudge

First – no more added sugar and no more sugary junk crap – I freakin loooove sugar but it is no longer my friend and does no good things for me at all – welcome to adulthood – waaaa! no more added sugar means exactly that: no adding sugar; big fan of the pour-it-yourself sugar dispenser me. As well, moving to making food choices that aren’t sugary in and of themselves. Having a dairy allergy used to limit this all on its own but there are soooo many vegan options (see my but it’s veeeegan post) out there now that, well, that is likely where a lot of the pudge developed from lol and created Monster #1 – the Sugar Beastie. While I stopped caking it up after my birthday, sugar was still dosing my coffee regularly shortly after and, you know, oreos are vegan. so… STOP IT

Second – mind the amount and quality of fats I consume. Used to be when I was frighteningly underweight and struggling to find things I could eat at all, fats of any sort would uhm… go right through me. This has created monster #2 the Fats Stuffer – because when you are trying desperately to put on weight in order to function, you learn to eat things jammed with calories. And then you don’t need to have KFC gravy as a sort of side-salad to everything anymore cuz you are no longer underweight, and excess pudge is born. But the habit was pretty deeply ingrained as a survival mechanism, and dangit, KFC gravy is frikkin tasty. But yeah… STOP IT

Third – quality of carbohydrates is a thing. Welcome to adulthood. 3 cups of popcorn does not dinner make. So grow up and actually eat the complex, whole grain, and often whole-food carbohydrates and healthy starchies you know are better fuel instead of just talking about it.


And hey, let’s see what happens